View Full Version : Windows explorer weird folders bug

02-17-05, 06:40 AM
Has anyone seen the bug in the attached screenshot? All of the folders on my desktop are incorrectly shown as named "Desktop". Also note that My Computer, Recycle Bin etc are also shown as "Desktop". When this happens it also screws up the way the folder pane works because double clicking on a folder to expand the branch stops working.

This has been happening frequently since the installation of SP2. It not only does this on my machine at work but it also happens at home. It seems to happen after a while of changing directories within the folder pane and double clicking the folders to expand branches.

I've even tried a clean format and reinstall on xp with sp2 but the bug still happens :mad: :( :confused: :thumbdwn:

03-04-05, 01:08 PM
Are you :smoking: or what???