View Full Version : desktop draw problem with window over systray

02-19-05, 04:52 PM

This problem started about 10 days after I assembled my current system.

It seems that whenever I have an open window (happens more with brower than other windows) over the systray, I get a strange flickering/tearing/shadowing across the screen.

To be more descriptive, in the lower half of the screen it looks like the lower left corner of the screen is being drawn near the lower right corner for a flash. This will flash on and off until I move the window to the left so that it isn't over the systray, or sometimes I can scroll down in the window to a point where the scren reains stable.

I am running Windows XP w/SP2, all patches, Forceware 66.93 and nForce 6.93 drivers.

All 3d games and movies play without a problem. Note that currently I am running only one video card (no SLI) due to mismatched bios and version of my two cards.