View Full Version : 3200+ to 3500+ worth it?

02-21-05, 05:31 AM
How much of a real life performance boost would I see from upgrading my 3200+ Clawhammer to a 3500+ Newcastle?

02-21-05, 05:46 AM
How much of a real life performance boost would I see from upgrading my 3200+ Clawhammer to a 3500+ Newcastle?

Probably not much. Maybe about a 5-10% at best. But you'd at least have a 939 platform and that means upgradability. If money were no object I'd do it just for that. Plus you'd have Dual channel memory support.

02-21-05, 08:57 AM
Seconded. If money were no object hell go ahead. But in that case you might as well get an FX55. :p

02-21-05, 10:11 AM
Going from a 3200 to a 3500 wont get you much in real life performance. Try OCing your 3200 to 2.2 or 2.3ghz...i'm sure it can do it.

02-21-05, 10:22 AM
You can probably get 2.2ghz out of it on stock cooling so with bette cooling you could possibly hit the 2.4 mark. I can do 2.2 stable with my crappy board and cooling.

02-21-05, 11:25 AM
Spend the $$$ on case/cooling/memory/whatever to OC a bit and then upgrade big later.

You'd probably get better real world results by buying a second drive and RAIDing 'em or adding a pair of Raptors for system and keep the 200GB for storage.

02-21-05, 10:56 PM
RAID'ing is overrated and a waste of money if all you're going to do is game with your PC. Even RAID'ing WD Raptors. I've done it. It ain't faster than a Raptor at anything but moving massive files and even then not that great because it drags your CPU down.

I say that if you're considering moving from 3200+ to 3500+ that you should instead be looking at 3200+ to 3800+ or 4000+ because those are the upgrades where you'll see big leaps.

The 3200+ to 3500+ is a speedgrade higher, which means that its within the margin you should be able to overclock. I'd suggest beefing your video in prepration for an upgrade, but you probably can't do that without first upgrading your motherboard with PCIExpress. If that's the case, then you might consider getting the cheapest .90nm A64 Socket 939 board you can and going the PCIExpress route now. Then upping the CPU after the next grades are announced.

So buy a 3000+/3200+ .90-based socket 939 CPU and put the extra change towards video and motherboard improvements. Then when the FX-57 is announced and the 4200+ is announced (the FX-55 renamed) and once the dualcore mess sorts itself out, you're set to go up to the CPU you want or need plus will have given the fabs time to work out all the issues and possibly give you SSE3 (slated for the next A64 core) for your wait. You lose no performance by going 3200+ again, but gain potential for the future, plus improve your system's performance in smaller ways. Buy an SLI board and use only one board and you set yourself up to upgrade in that course, too, if that's your desire.

A64 3200+'s on Socket 939 are excellent CPUs in that they run cooler, faster, and overclock farther than either their elder cousins the 3800+ or 4000+ (based on the older process as they are) and because they are so cheap. 3200+'s are now dropping below the 200 mark.

02-22-05, 03:52 AM
I would do all that if I had the money lol.

02-22-05, 08:13 AM
How much of a real life performance boost would I see from upgrading my 3200+ Clawhammer to a 3500+ Newcastle?

Not worth it. You would barely notice any difference, even with the 3500's higher clockspeed and dual channel memory support (which Athlon64 doesn't really benefit from much anyway).

And don't forget, you have an Athlon64 3200 Clawhammer, that's considered a very precious and sought after CPU. Us lucky owners have 1meg L2 cache really cheap ;), if you want the 1meg L2 cache today you gotta grab the Athlon64 4000 or higher starting around $655USD :eek:

02-22-05, 09:44 AM
you would be lucky to notice anything if u went to 3500. leave it as is and get over it or OC a bit and hold out a few months to get something a fair bit higher than what u have now.

02-22-05, 12:35 PM
I just replaced my 3200+ clawhammer on my gigabyte k8nspro with a 3500+ winnie and performance wise there is almost no difference. But I have better stability than I had with that Gigabyte. I imagine I can get a better overclock with the winnine than I could with the other though. I haven't tried yet as I just put it together yesterday but I will see soon :)

02-22-05, 05:25 PM
I have a spare Clawhammer for sale in the other forum if anyone's interested. Had no offers yet.

02-23-05, 06:53 PM
If you have the money yes do it. It will save you money down the road when you want a better cpu thats a 939 socket. Then you have have to buy a new mobo on top of that. I have a amd64 3200+ clawhammer and irt was great but not enough. I now a have amd64 3500 winnie and its oc to 2.8ghz and it makes a difference. :afro: