View Full Version : Is there a fix for nView Transparency getting disabled?

02-21-05, 11:08 PM
I've long had this problem and have never figured out a solution.

Running any number of applications that access DirectX (Desktop Sidebar, Entbloess, Sinapse, sometimes ObjectDock, and others...) cause the Nvidia driver to disable 2D per-pixel alpha blending - which leads nView to disable the "transparent" option, transparent window dragging, and also causes WindowFX to lose hardware acceleration.

Does anyone know of a fix or a way to disable the driver's detection mechanism? I know much older drivers never did this, and neither do ATIs - so I know it's not a limitation of GDI+ or DirectX. I wouldn't be surprised if it's some kind of safety/stability feature. But I do wish I could turn it off!

And help would be greatly appreciated.