View Full Version : How to know about refesh rate

11-30-02, 04:20 PM
I have Win Xp pro, dell 8250 dim 2.54 gig and Mitsubishi diamond pro 2060u monitor, I am using the Mitsusbishi Inf file, under monitor in control panel I have set it to 100 hertz, I have Nividia ti4200 and under the refesh rate overrides my screen size is 1284x1024 set to 100khz, when I check on the monitor it shows my setting is FH 108.40KHZ AND FV99.9KHZ.

Does this mean my system is running at the 100khz that I have set it at???.

The only game I play is flt sim 2002 and the frame rate is running at 76-90 when you check with the shift/z control

Look forward to from someone if I have to check somewhere else to ensure that I am running at 100 hertz not slower


11-30-02, 04:35 PM
fh is horizontal refreshrate, and fv is vertical. refreshrates are determined by lowest number, which is usually the vertical. so yes your refreshrate is correct.