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02-22-05, 09:41 PM
Hey, right now I've got a stick of Infineon pc3200 512 in my computer. It's got a CAS rating of 3.0. I'm gonna go get another stick to double my memory, but I'm wondering, do the timings really affect framerates? If I saved up and got a 1024 kit of some aggresively timed memory would I get better speed, or are memory timings for overclockers mainly looking to squeeze out extra juice?



02-22-05, 09:47 PM
Getting an extra 512MB is the big thing. As far as CL that depends on the system you have running and, of course, overclocking potential. Running dual channel might be a hit or miss with your present ram if you are thinking about that. If you are newegg has some Kingston matched sticks for around $130.

02-23-05, 07:06 AM
most important latency is cas latency. optimal is 2.0 and it does give performance boost in games but not so much in benchmarks. u can try to tighten the latency of ur 3.0 ram to 2.0 or 2.5. also, another tweak to optimize ram is setting the tras to 9-11.

02-25-05, 04:33 PM
Aha, thanks