View Full Version : A device to radio music to different rooms?

02-23-05, 06:48 AM
Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew of a device (that isnt going to be too expensive!!!) that I could use to radio music wirelessly to a radio or just some sort of receiver somewhere.

Basically, I have lots and lots music in my bedroom, but I would like to listen to it more often. For example, when I'm in the shower or I'm in the kitchen cooking, I'd prefer to listen to my own music than the radio. I already have a wireless network card and I could imagine this could be done with some sort of ad-hoc network, but I dont know of any device that could pick it up at the other end and then amplify it to a speaker.

EDIT: I'm in the UK. There are many many radio devices that are legal in places such as the US but not legal here.