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02-24-05, 10:24 AM
I've had my XTPE since last June and been pretty happy with it. Nice and fast. Here's the thing I've been toying around with doing and I'm wondering if it makes sense to do this.

I would like to get a 6800Ultra or Ultra Extreme and replace my XTPE with it. For a couple reasons. Number one, I'm a tinkerer and would like to give that card a try just for kicks. Number two, I want to try SUSE 9.2 and the ATI drivers are horrid.

Here's the thing though... How close realistically are we to getting a new part from ATI or NVDA? Does it make sense to do this if they are going to be releasing a new high end part in a few months?

Is this a stupid idea?

02-24-05, 10:32 AM
I think it's a stupid idea. This is coming from a guy that has a BFG 6800 Ultra. If x800 PE cards were readily available I would have bought one.

Pandora's Box
02-24-05, 10:32 AM
i would say we are pretty close to ati and nvidia releasing refreshes or new parts. i know ati is supposed to be announcing a 512MB x850 at some event this weekend. Gainward also announced 512MB 6800 Ultra. If you do make the switch now though, go with eVga. atleast then you have some assurance (trade up program). that way if they do release a new card you can pay the difference and trade up.

02-24-05, 10:36 AM
The one I'm looking at is here:

It's expensive... But it's the cadillac. ;)

There's also the cheaper BFG Ultra which is still quite speedy and over $100 less. But I dunno, if they are real close to putting out new parts then this doesn't make much sense I suppose. It's tempting though. I might be able to get $350 for my XTPE which would help offset the cost quite a bit.

02-24-05, 10:59 AM
Jesus man...no. Not the UE. It's NOT worth the extra money. It's like, what, 450MHz? It's a 25MHz OC from the Ultra. You can do that yourself.

Stick with the eVGA for the step up so you can get the 512MB 6900 Ultra when that comes out (if it's in the next 3 months).

02-24-05, 11:05 AM
I'm leaning more and more towards just forgetting about it. I'll see if a few others want to comment but so far... I dunno it's looking pretty questionable if it's worth it.

Regarding the UE it does have faster memory as well. And I refuse to O/C any more after my PE decided to quit working at O/C speeds out of the blue like it did. To risky for me I don't care how easy it is for others to do.

02-24-05, 11:19 AM
I can understand that then. I was OCing my card to 410/1.1 for a while, but then I was hearing about all these people who's OCed card were just dying after like 3 months. I don't have the money for a new card right now, so I turned the clocks back. OCing is a dangerous game...especially without the cash to back it up.

02-24-05, 11:24 AM
If you think you're going to live in linux-land after trying SUSE, I'd consider switching. Otherwise, I wouldn't since performance-wise there won't be that much of a difference. If there were more games out like the new splinter cell 3 demo which made use of features not available to you on the XT PE, that also might be tempting. Right now though, there are just a few and when using those features performance is sometimes marginal. So, if that was my main criteria, I'd probably wait for the next round of cards. It would be different if you were upgrading from an old card. In that case (and if I couldn't wait for the next round), I'd definitely go for an ultra just to get the extra features it supports. It's nice playing with the extra features and it definitely gives you something else to tinker with.

02-24-05, 11:25 AM
There's not a firm date known, but previous history shows that there is always a new chipset refresh by this time. History shows that about this summer or fall that there'll be a brand new chip as well.

Of course this may change, as SLI type technology developments from both camps may be a higher priority at the moment and all them to continue developing a future chip that is twice the performance of existing SLI rigs.

This is all completely a figment of my imagination and shouldn't be taken seriously by anyone, but there's a trend.

02-24-05, 11:29 AM
Well if I do it forget that Ultra Extreme - $625 for the EVGA with a 2 year warranty? Not only NO, but F-NO! :p

Crap I should've done a poll.

Simply put: yes or no guys? Would you do it if you were me assuming you could get at least $350 for my current card?

02-24-05, 11:49 AM
I will kick you in the nuts if you sold an XTPE for 350 bucks :mad: .

And the answer is a big no but that is coming from a windows only user, since linux blows (i am biased, do something over the internet).

02-24-05, 11:51 AM
if you are going linux, going for a 6800U is a no brainer - plus you will get some neat effects on current and upcoming games that the x800 does not support.

i'd get a bfg 6800u, it comes stock 425/1100 and has lifetime warranty.

02-24-05, 11:52 AM
LOL man, $350 isn't to bad for a card I've had almost a year. Typically the going rate for used equipment is 50% off - and right now you can get that card new for $495 if you know where to look. So $350 isn't all that much of a rape. ;)

02-24-05, 12:01 PM
man, keep your XTPE. linux drivers from ATI really do suck (as ive used em before) but theres no point in switching cards before you even know if you want to run linux more than windoze.

save your money for now, make sure you like linux. then if you want to game in linux (opengl is amazing in linux), switch over to an nvidia card, which will probably be the new one by that time. :)

02-24-05, 12:23 PM
This is primarily to game in Linux because I'd like to move away from Windows if possible. Linux licenses are so much cheaper for one. I have a second PC that will keep XP for some of the applications that absolutely do not want to work.

But I have some concerns. Has CS:S and HL2 been working w/SUSE9.2? Do they work well?

What about playing .AVI files under SUSE? Is that even possible? I have a few questions as you can see, some of this I already have a thread for over in the Linux forum.

My main game right now is CS:S and HL2. UT2004 on occasion. I just need to make certain those are going to work and won't be a major hassle to get running.

The Ultra should be just about as fast as the PE, even in Windows. And it'd only cost me an extra couple hundred bucks if I can sell the PE for a good price. So yeah I'm trying to talk myself into this but I have some nagging doubts here that need clearing up.

02-24-05, 07:14 PM
IMO it would not be worth it because the X800XTPE is faster in nearly ever game out now except ocourse DOOM3.I think you would be dissapointed in the end.

02-24-05, 07:34 PM
You know the only way to play hl2 under linux is wine/cedega, right?

02-24-05, 07:57 PM
First of all, it's a dumb idea. Second of all, selling your X800XT-PE for $350 is just plain dumb.. Third of all, it's just dumb. Don't do it. :eek:

02-24-05, 08:14 PM
If you really want a 6800 Ultra, how about a trade, I'm sure a lot of people are interested in doing so. Myself being one of them lol. (425/1200 stock)

02-24-05, 08:29 PM
I'll trade you my 6800 GT Golden Sample (400/1100) any day too if you want. ;)

Acid Rain
02-25-05, 12:34 AM
Second of all, selling your X800XT-PE for $350 is just plain dumb.. :eek:
Why? I'd never pay more than 50 bucks for used silicon. It can be abused in too many ways. If I can get new for 400 and used for 100, I'd still go with new. peace of mind, baby :D

If Linux is going to be a primary focus, snag a GT.

If not, wait for a new chip to either drive the old ones down in price, or of course, get the new one at a higher price for the extra power.

I believe new chips are on the way, given references in the newest drivers.

02-25-05, 01:08 AM
Yep its a stupid idea . keep the X800XT-PE .
& dont say i didnt told ya ! ;)

02-25-05, 01:09 AM
Id say your plan is ok accept for one modification. Keep your PE ; D

Why cant you have your cake and eat it too?

Id say sell your 9800XT, and then find a deal on a used 6800 Ultra, or find a good deal on one (at one time you could of gotten a new bfg for 350$ after 50$ MIR), then throw your XTPE in your secondary box, and throw the ultra in your main and try out linux.

On game support under linux Half-Life 2/Steam runs best under Cedega witch costs 5$ a month to subscribe to their site. However, im not sure if CS:S works with it. Also if valve ever dose implment VAC2, i cant predict how that will react.

On the otherhand UT2K4 has linux support out of the box ; )

So basicly i vote for, finding a low priced 6800 Ultra, get rid of the 9800xt

02-25-05, 06:17 AM
I did exactly that but i had the warranty that my ULTRA will run at least 450/1200.
I didn't loose any money on the deal either.
I watercool the card but let me tell you one thing: if you like silence don't switch.
With the new 75.90 drivers i think i have the better card now but the difference is really small.
I switched because i wanna keep it for a long time (2 years) and PS 3.0 MIGHT be some use then.
That and mostly because i wanted to compare/play around. ;)

02-25-05, 06:41 AM
just keep the ati and get both