View Full Version : Graphics card help please!

02-24-05, 11:42 AM
i know this doesnt go here but help! please!
my computer is having alot of problems and im flat out of money, so i have to resort to playing my games on my mothers computer.
Its fairly descent, p4 HT 3.06 with 512 ram but integrated graphics.
SO its time for a video card but im having problems...
The computer is a gateway and is in one of those super slim cases (with the sideways dvd drive) and is about 4 inches wide... so no standard cards will fit including my geforce 5600... so i need a card and have no idea if any will fit it and/or where i can get one for it......... HELP! i have 1 agp slot and several pci, and at this point will take either one.

02-24-05, 11:46 AM
i know it wouldnt be pretty, but could you remove the side of the case and insert the card?
you would have to run without the side of the case on, heh

ever thinking of buying a new case and moving everything over? that should work assuming the board is ATX.

02-24-05, 07:19 PM
That would have been my suggestion just get a different case and than you would have plenty of room.