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02-24-05, 06:37 PM
Hi, I have a xfx 6600gt 128 meg that I was really happy with until a couple of days ago when everything started looking a bit naff. All the sharpness and definition has gone. I just ran doom3 on 1024x768 ultra quality settings and it played really well but the textures didn't have anything like the sharpness i would have expcted. 3dmarko3 looked the same washed out and bland with frame rates above whaat I would have expected. There are no artifacts or odd colours just the lack of definition. Hope somebody can help thanx in advance

System specs
xp home sp2/ directx 9c
Athlon xp 3200
Abit AN7 mobo
1 gig pc3200
200 gig maxtor ide
xclio 400w psu

Name NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT
PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_00F1&SUBSYS_21191682&REV_A2\4&102AC5BC&0&00F0
Adapter Type GeForce 6600 GT, NVIDIA compatible
Adapter Description NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT
Adapter RAM 128.00 MB (134,217,728 bytes)
Installed Drivers nv4_disp.dll
Driver Version
INF File oem7.inf (nv4_NV3x section)
Color Planes 1
Color Table Entries 4294967296
Resolution 1024 x 768 x 75 hertz
Bits/Pixel 32
Memory Address 0xE4000000-0xE6FFFFFF
Memory Address 0xD0000000-0xDFFFFFFF
Memory Address 0xE5000000-0xE5FFFFFF
IRQ Channel IRQ 19
I/O Port 0x000003B0-0x000003BB
I/O Port 0x000003C0-0x000003DF
Memory Address 0xA0000-0xBFFFF
Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\nv4_mini.sys (, 2.70 MB (2,826,944 bytes), 23/02/2005 20:44)

02-24-05, 06:44 PM
Try running driver cleaner. Then installing one of the newer drivers with better IQ like 67.66, 71.81, or 75.90. That's a bizarre problem, if the driver change doesn't fix it, I would RMA the card. Also make sure the image settings are set to "Quality" or "High Quality". I think contrast can be changed too in the Nvidia menus as well if you want to compensate for it that way.

Good luck.

02-24-05, 06:51 PM
I don't know what kind of monitor you have but make sure the settings on it has not changed.