View Full Version : Video error in CSS with 6800Ultra

02-24-05, 10:46 PM
This is the only game that does it too. When the flashlight is off everything looks fine, but when its on it starts making the ground in dust look like triangles like in the pictures below. Its only messes up in some area's, but throughout the whole map.


Any suggestions or things to try? I am running Xtreme G Forceware 67.66b drivers. I had another set before that and they did the same thing. I believe it started after one of the steam updates. Any suggestions would really help greatly.

If anyone has a BFG 6800U and isn't getting any errors please let me know what drivers you are running so I can try.


02-25-05, 03:12 PM
Hey man I had the EXACT same problem as you but with a BFG 6800GT oc, I downloaded omega drivers and set them to quality and that fixed the problem.