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12-01-02, 03:15 PM
This was by far the coolest way I've ever died in UT2k3 ;):


12-01-02, 06:19 PM
This makes me remember of the "jumping to death" competions I used to do with my friend when we were playing hard drivin' for genesis.

12-01-02, 07:54 PM
I love it when you die and fall down a pit and keep bouncing off of everything like a rag doll. I fall down those on purpose just to see it!

12-01-02, 08:04 PM
Are you sure thats a death..I know a girl who gets in that position and rolls around the room..


Yeah the deaths are awesome in UT2k3..I also like it when their soul leaves their body..


12-02-02, 05:19 PM
heheh, thats great, my fav are the one's Matty described. I used to die on purposed just to watch those when I first got the game


12-02-02, 06:46 PM
I know, the deaths are incredible, and the graphics are UNREAL! I just can't wait for a better graphics card (GeForce FX ;)) to make it's way into my computer so that I can crank up the detail a little.

Here's another beautiful shot to enjoy, and yes I too love those ones where they fall down the pits, motion is just so real:


12-02-02, 07:02 PM
That shot rocks! I always take shots with 8x Aniso and 4xS AA, man, it doesn't look as good as that for some reason, anyways, that rocks!:D

12-02-02, 07:24 PM
Thanks :cool:, I want to say though that that shot was taking with Quincunx 4xS AA, and 8x Aniso. The resolution was only 1280x960 though (then reduced to 1024x768). 16x12 is just to hard to even take screenshots in with those settings. I usually end up getting an average of 10-15fps at 16x12, and that means that it's dipping into the single digits which just causes to much lag and stress on the computer :p.

12-02-02, 09:38 PM
i always get heaps of weird deaths and stuff here are a couple of mine:

p.s how do u get the picture to just apear with having to click on the link?? i want it just to appear like the others but have no clue :) thanx

[i]There ya go Grechie ;)


12-02-02, 09:50 PM
You use the img thing, put "" at the beginning of the url and "" at the end of it.;) Like...

12-03-02, 06:03 PM
lol it looks like he's praying :p

The Baron
12-03-02, 07:30 PM
No... he's looking for his contact.

12-04-02, 05:24 PM
WOW...I saw U2003 in the shop, it looked alright but too similar to the original. but man, was i wrong. as soon as i get the chance, im buyin it!

12-05-02, 12:59 AM
This isn't a death, but it'll knock yo socks off. This is what really really makes me want a GeForce FX.... I hope that it can run this at well over 60fps so that I can play like it (btw, original resolution was 1600x1200 with 4xS AA and 8x Aniso):


Look at that detail, WOW! :cool:

For anybody that is looking at that saying, that game can't be playable, well here's a more acceptable framerate with some of the stuff turned off. Still great looking though:


I would think that some of the scenes like this would be way easy for the GeForce4 to handle. I mean, Quake3 isn't all that much more complicated than this and yet it gets fps up above 300. Do you guys think that there are maybe some programming issues with UT?

12-05-02, 08:32 AM
quake 3 doesn't compare to the complexity of ut2k3.

12-05-02, 01:24 PM
SpeedDemon what settings did you use on the second picture?:D

12-06-02, 01:22 AM
1024x768, No AA (even though I play with Quincunx on most of the time), No Aniso, Normal Textures, characters, highest world detail, highest physics, character shadows and projectors off, and everything else on. I have found that I can turn world detail to normal and play with Quincunx and still get perfect framerate, so I switch between highest detail and quincunx regularly.

12-09-02, 09:46 AM
yeah, my best death would have to be when i jumped through the hoop thing, fell down and cracked my nads on the first pole my dude fell onto. damn that was funny...

12-09-02, 11:19 AM
Originally posted by Matthius
yeah, my best death would have to be when i jumped through the hoop thing, fell down and cracked my nads on the first pole my dude fell onto. damn that was funny...


still have yet to do that

12-09-02, 02:38 PM
Bahahaha, my friend did that, and I was rolling on the ground with laughter...the sight of that and the cracking sound was some funny ****.