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02-25-05, 02:51 PM

Version 1.62 Updated Information

1.62 Multiplayer improvements and fixes:

- CHANGE: Linux server updated to 1.62
- CHANGE: Additional minor physics tweaks to match 1.35.
- CHANGE: Improvements to visual artifacts caused by high lag.
- CHANGE: Shotgun horizontal knockback reduced slightly.
- CHANGE: Cfg.NetcodeEnemyPredictionInterpolationFactor added to allow adjustments to enemy position prediction (default 0.66).
- CHANGE: Removed hallway collision models in maps DM_Psycho, Absinthe and Sacred to facilitate faster player movement.
- FIX: Demo recording FPS droppping issues.
- FIX: Demo playback resetting to Main Menu no longer occurs.
- FIX: FPS drop collision issue on map DM_Psycho fixed.
- FIX: Getting 'stuck' issue on maps DM_Psycho and Sacred fixed.
- FIX: Random drop on demo playback bug corrected.
- FIX: Spectators going through portals now works correctly.
- FIX: Double teleportation visual now fixed.
- FIX: Staked grenade explosions behind walls no longer work.
- FIX: Map changes while demo recording no longer cause crashes.
- FIX: Miscellaneous sound playback issues.
- FIX: Minor Windows incompatibility error for some users.
- FIX: Weapon fire prediction FXs.
- FIX: Automatically firing after respawn.

geez another 100MB patch :|