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02-26-05, 06:40 PM
wow, i need help so bad, hoping you guys can help me :)

okay heres my dillema...

I have a 512mb stick of OCZ PC3700, which i cant buy anymore. So i want to run dual channel... if i buy this http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=20-146-380&depa=1

would it run dual channel with my mobo? the chipset is a i875P...

thanks :P

02-26-05, 06:46 PM
Its hit or miss. Most works the best with the same type / make. Ive never tried two different brands on a duel channel setup. I suppose it could work... i mean .. afterall .. if you cant buy your one type anymore... it cant hurt to try as either way you will have a gig of ram :) If you start getting BSOD's or reboots ... its probably the ram setup (assuming you dont get BSOD's now). If thats the case.. you will have to run it as single channel.

02-26-05, 06:48 PM
i did find this...


but its $140...

02-26-05, 06:53 PM
Hit or miss is right. The possibility of a 'hit' on your selection is a long shot, IMO. Best to get a matched set or chips on pcbs of the same mfg. The stick you have generally performed well on a number of different type of systems and should be relatively easy to sell and then you could get a set that is guarenteed to work.

02-26-05, 07:00 PM
well ive been looking on google for a few mins now, and ive been seeing that if you get basically the same speeds, and the timmings are the same you should have no problem...

02-26-05, 07:07 PM
Hey, go for it! I was just putting in the possibility of negative results vs an alternative in going ahead and getting a matched set. Good high quality sets are under $200 with value sets in the $130 to 140 range. Hope you have good luck! :)

02-26-05, 07:09 PM
im thinking of just buying the matching stick i found, but its on a site with only a 2 out of 5 rating... its worth a try.

02-26-05, 07:27 PM
Keep us posted on how it goes.

02-26-05, 07:47 PM
Can't you check on eBay for a matching stick?

02-26-05, 08:46 PM
most of it is used...

02-28-05, 08:11 PM
My n-force 2 had no probs running dual channel with different brands.

The matched sets have matched latency which improve performance. But most standard DDR 266 to 400 memory modules have higher latencies than the premium models. So if you get two sticks of standard DDR 400 memory, the slight latency difference will not make a difference.

I had trouble using one DDR 400 512mb kingstons (value ram) in the past where has a 256MB PNY + 256 MB Infineon worked just fine in dual chanel 266
I resolved a memory issue with my board and now have 2x 512MB PNY verto DDR 433 (it only runs in dual channel DDR 333, but 5.4 GB per second is good enough.)

the best thing is that I can use it when I upgrade my computer later down the road.