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02-26-05, 08:44 PM
I was curious about the operating temperature range of a fx-55. Meaning what other get when idle in a bios and when going full load in a game in windows. I get about 38 celsius in the bios right now but haven't tried a full load yet. What happened was about to attach the cooler before I tested but pulled it back thinking I didn't have it in the right place. When I did this some of the pre applied thermal grease came off of the cooler onto the cpu(shin etsu grease) and I am worried that some of the die wasn't covered properly due to this after I finally set the cooler back onto the cpu. Mind you there was a thinner layer still left on the cooler where it had been removed. I more than likely will remove and reapply some of my own shin etsu stuff if necessary to be sure I covered the cpu properly. I do need regardless of the cooler situation to know if the idle temp was anywhere near what others had for this cpu.

02-26-05, 09:39 PM
ive gotten up to 61C after playing games with stock cooler

02-27-05, 02:18 PM
what is your idle temp in your bios hardware monitoring?

02-27-05, 02:44 PM
38 idle, 51 (prime95) load..... stock cooler, stock thermal junk, stock everything lol

02-28-05, 09:43 PM
yeah when im doing cpu load it gets around 51, but my my system works up quite a bit while playing games

keith33, why run your ram at 2-2-2-10 instead of 2-2-2-5?

02-28-05, 10:06 PM
That's a good question Absolution. And I had my running at 2-2-2-5 before everyone on the AMD forums showed me why it doesn't make sense (Mushkin has a great article about this somewhere, I'll look for it when I get my physics homework done lol). Essentially, the cycle time (Tras) acts as a opener and closer for data (think of it as books), the Tras time allows the data to be read and written to within the specified time, then the page is closed and it moves on. Apparently, you should have something like the CAS X RAS TO CAS + 2 for the Tras timings otherwise, the "pages" close too fast and stuff can't be written and read fast enough, and data gets corrupt (especially at 1T) or slows down due to the bottleneck. That said, the timings should be 2-2-2-6 according to the equation right? In theory, but on top of that, A64 memory controllers seem to be optimized for a Tras timing of 10 for best performance. I've experimented with all kinds of Tras timings with Sandra and Everest, and the best for my system seems to be 10 like many others have said. I got about a 50MB/s increase by changing it from 5 to 10. This is what I've learned and picked up, but I may be wrong on some of this, so if anyone can correct me, go ahead, this is just what Ive learned from reading and experience.

03-01-05, 11:02 AM
that 38 I had was with the case open and no case fans running. I put the case side on and kept the fans off to see the worst case scenario (this is after reapplying grease properly and getting about 38-39 again) of temp was. It went to 43 celsius. So, with six case fans (2 front blowing in, 2 back blowing out, 1 case side blowing in, 1 top blowing up) the temp should go back to a somewhat near 38 I would imagine.