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12-01-02, 08:44 PM
what is the best setting for "mipmap detail" to be set at? best performance or best image quality? whats the difference? and what do you guys use? i do tons of gaming mostly, and have always set it to best image quality(default), although i read that i should be set to best performance when benckmarking. is it just a personal prefference? all these additional properties are making my head spin, why doesnt someone have a web address that explains all these things to the average computer gamer/user???

12-01-02, 09:28 PM
mipmap detail is level of detail adjustments for textures. its makes quite a difference. best performance makes the textures look like crap, and if you want an accurate benchmark you should leave it at best quality because thats what your going to want to play at. the performance difference isn't very great at all, in 3dmark about 1000 marks only. which means less than 10fps.

and, nvidia does include info on these and other settings. see that question mark next to the X in the display properties. click on that, and click on what you want to know.

12-01-02, 10:21 PM
thanks THCDRU2K........I didnt realize help ? was there for the info, but still wanted some human input. thanks for posting to my other thread also. "knowledge is everything"...a wise man said this to me.