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02-27-05, 12:42 AM
I have some stuff laying around here so I guess I'll attempt to get rid of it. Sorry I don't have pics, my gf broke my digital camera so I will do my best to describe everythings condition.

52x24x52 CD-RW
Bought this at OfficeMax, it is a Khypermedia drive, and was pulled out of an older PC in perfect working order. This is just the drive, I can get you a generic ide cable if you really need one.
Asking $30 shipped

D-Link 10/100Mbps PC Card
Network adapter for laptops. Works great. This includes the card itself and the driver CD.
Asking $30 shipped

D-Link AirPlus G PC Card Wireless Adapter
Wireless adapter for laptops. Works great. This includes the card itself and the driver CD.
Asking $40 shipped

PC Game - Need for Speed Underground II
Includes everything.
Asking $25 shipped

PC Game - Warhammer 40,000 - Dawn of War
Includes everything.
Asking $30 shipped

I also have a PC that I might sell depending on what anybody offers for it. It is a 233Mhz Pentium MMX, with 128mb of ram I put in it (SDRAM.) Has a 1.2 GB hard drive and a 6gb hard drive I added. I added a 10/100 NIC, it has a sound card, cd-rom (not speed labeled, but its original.) No usb, AT keyboard and 1 ps/2 plug. It was used for a server at a business, and was basically handed to me "If you can get it to work you can keep it."
I have uses for it sometimes, put really I am just paying the power bill to have another pc run 24/7.

02-27-05, 12:46 AM
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02-28-05, 03:56 PM
Do you have any video cards?ati 9700 PRO -up or Nvidia 5900 or XT.Just wonderine.