View Full Version : 6600 GT Video Out on TV has Wavy Lines and Wierd Colors

02-27-05, 01:23 AM
Hello all, Hope you can help. I connected my s-video cable from the card to the TV and set up in the settings to do a clone of the tv and monitor. THe monitor looks fine, as always, but the---


---that seem to scroll diaganoly across the screen. I tried modifying settings. Did nothing. I check the connections. THey seem to be fine.

I then figured i would try the component video out instead. I got a very similar problem. Wavy lines, but this time they were all red. I dont know at this point what settings i may need to change or what.. Anyone have any suggestions on why im getting this? The only other thing i could think of is the cable itself is bad, but i know its not because i grabbed the cable from something else already that i know looks fine with those cables.

02-27-05, 02:00 AM
Are you a new owner of the 6600GT?

If you are a new owner, has it displayed on your monitor o.k. when you've done your normal thing with your computer? Games, movies and so on?