View Full Version : rio carbon... to get or not?

02-28-05, 11:09 AM
hey guys, I'm thinking of picking up a rio carbon today. i did some research and have found this one to be to my liking. size, interface and ease of use are important and this one seems to fit well, no extra software to use, good sound, sleek design etc. but what i wanted to know was if you guys had any experience with this player. in case i cant find it i was thinking of getting the rio karma or the zen extra 30gb, about the same price. space isnt as important to me since i dont have that much music... anyway i'd like to get your opinions. :)

02-28-05, 02:39 PM
nevermind guys. i ended up getting the zen extra, more storage, more support, same price and at J&R here in NYC they were selling the old versions of the rio carbon with the static probs. meh i like what i got so far, mebbe i'll review it for you all a little later.