View Full Version : Hacking Windows XP Pro to support Raid 5

02-28-05, 05:29 PM
I got this info from http://www4.tomshardware.com/storag...9/raid5-01.html and http://members.home.nl/rvandesanden/raid3.html. To simplify things download the 3 files you need at the bottom of the page on the second link. Put them on a floppy disk. Then follow these directions from Toms Hardware.

First of all we need to copy some files into a temporary folder:

The original files in Windows' System32 directory need to be replaced by our modified versions now. However, simply exchanging the files by overwriting them will cause Windows to take notice, which eventually causes Windows to restore its original files by using backup files.

If your system drive is running FAT32, simply go ahead and boot any DOS operating system in order to overwrite the files manually. Since FAT32 does not cater for security at all, we do not recommend using this file system.

In an NTFS environment you will have to boot from the WindowsXP CD and launch the recovery console. This can be achieved by pressing 'R' in the first selection screen. At this point, you should have copied the modified files onto a floppy disk.

Let's go into the Windows directory first:

cd\windows [ENTER]

Now, copy the files one by one by using the following commands. All files are located in two different directories each! copy a:\dmboot.sys system32\drivers
copy a:\dmboot.sys system32\dllcache
copy a:\dmconfig.dll system32
copy a:\dmconfig.dll system32\dllcache
copy a:\dmadmin.exe system32
copy a:\dmadmin.exe system32\dllcache
This works. I tested it yesterday and it works like a charm. Go to the link for Toms Hardware for more detailed instructions. Good Luck!