View Full Version : Mysterious disappearing OC with 6800GT

03-01-05, 08:58 PM
I got a PNY 6800GT a couple weeks back that did a nice solid 420/1200 with the stock cooling. I was pleased but decided to add a waterblock and hook it up to my loop. Grabbed a DD Maze 4 gpu block and hooked it up. It was an immediate difference with temps dropping from 48C idle and 70+ load to 32C idle and 35-36C load. Decided to overclock some more and see what it could do and hit as high as 475/1250 although my best 3dmark runs were at 465/1200 (14000+ in 3dmark03 and 6100+ in 3dmark05). I was happy. However, after fiddling with some of the newer drivers like the 75.90 and 71.81 I started to freeze when playing/benching even at 430/1150. Reverted back to previous drivers but I get the same results with my max OC being much lower than before. Temps are still great, but I tried remounting the block just in case. When I use the driver to determine the optimum OC it comes back with 433/1210, but it is not a stable OC anymore. Anyone have any ideas how I could lose about 40mhz off my OC? All settings are the same as before as far as I can tell.

03-02-05, 04:45 PM
Eh, not sure what happened, but now I can OC normally again. Did a couple tests with 3dMark01 and 05 at 455/1200 with no problems. Weird.