View Full Version : Need help with BIOS...pleeeease

f|LtH fR@g
03-02-05, 02:02 PM
So a buddy of mine wanted a new case, I took everything out of his old dell case (yes he bought a dell) and put it in the new flashier case, his mobo was also on it's last legs, so he bought a biostar one. Problem is, the system keeps loading with the old dell bios, how can I get rid of it? The mobo came with a disk, with a bios windows-flash, but when I try it I get an error message that says " onboard BIOS not award BIOS!" wtf....how can I manually clean the bios out? (n00b question here) I can rig it so if he holds f9 and loads the hd windows xp loads and what not, but if we dont do f9, it freezes on bios.

03-03-05, 01:27 AM
Well if you changed the motherboard, there should be a new bios. Have you entered the bios at start up and setup everything again? When ever in doubt about a bios/bios flash, its always best to look for the manufactures website/forums, or another good place is the forums at www.amdmb.com, alot of good info there regarding motherboards.

03-03-05, 03:41 AM
Did he buy it new in the box or did he grab another dell motherboard from ebay or somewhere? If it's a completely new board and you're using it, there's not really a way for the dell bios to get onto there without it being put there.

f|LtH fR@g
03-03-05, 09:29 AM
thats what i mean, it makes no sense to me, its a biostar mobo I put in for him, the dell is out...so I dont understand why it's reading a dell bios....makes no sense, I reinstalled xp for the heck of it...nothing, I cant flash the bios cause I get that error message I mentioned in the first post =/