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03-02-05, 05:58 PM
Yeah, I know I know... old and crappy board.
My Asus GeForce Ti 4200 isn't getting 3.3v stable. Asus smart doc says ~3.0v, which is bad. I can't start Asus Digital VCR, and there is a yellow exclamation point next to the "nVidia WDM Video Capture (universal)" in device manager. Upon scavenging through several message boards, I have come to the conclusion that the linear voltage regulator is to blame. Apparently, they are not very reliable. I have also read about a mod on a German website for directly wiring the +3.3v lead to the regulator, thus providing sufficient power to the AGP slot and also another guy modding his PSU (!!) to up the +3.3v lead to get rid of the yellow exclamation. I don't want to mod my PSU b/c it's an Antec TruePower 380W (The most reliable PSU's, from what I know) or replace my mobo b/c spending any more $ to change it out is just pointless to me. If someone has successfully modded and/or got their Jabil Kadoka rev. 4 AMD 750 board to comply (and maybe got it to get out of the "stuck" AGP 1x mode), please let me know :)

03-02-05, 06:03 PM
...I swapped the stock vid cooler and put on a Thermaltake GF4 cooler so I could convert the power connector to a Molex. This upped the voltage to 3.13v and also upped the temp 10c :(. Still not enough voltage. I can't find the voltage regulator from looking down at the top of the mobo so the fun begins I guess.
Nextime, I'm building my own damn PC!
The AGP 1x thing, according to the documentation that comes with the Nvidia Reference drivers states there is a "signal timing issue with the Irongate Chipset". Oh boy, so my mobo features HALF it's intended speed AND an undervoltage problem?! YAY!!
I should pay Jabil a visit... mwoo ha haaaaa