View Full Version : Cool&quiet K8ns

03-03-05, 05:15 PM

if I enable this option my vcore stays about 1.2v idle but in load it bump up to 1.70v

I have GA-K8NS I have to set the vcore@ 1.425 from the bios to give me 1.50 in the windows and to enable C&Q I have to set the vcore in bios as Normal which gives 1.7v at load

if I enable it when I set the vcore@1.425 the volt don't drop down so I have to set it @ normal

03-05-05, 03:43 PM

If I set the vcore 1.50 in bios it gives me 1.65 in windows

I have to set it @ 1.425 in bios to give me 1.49 in windows and also normal temp

03-05-05, 04:21 PM
I have the GA-K8NS-939 with A64 3500+ winnie. Voltage is 1.425 in bios and Gigabyte easy tune4 in windows. What are you using in windows to moniter with? I run the Zalman 7000B-Cu Led hs/fan (all copper) and idle around 24* load is 34*

03-05-05, 05:11 PM
I have the GA-K8NS too, and cool n quiet will only work at default voltage for me too. Interestingly tho, my board undervolts itself by 0.75v, so if i set it to default 1.5v then windows reports it at 1.425v, the opposite effect that yours does. Bios version F11 btw.