View Full Version : Danger Den waterblocks

03-03-05, 06:40 PM
Iím so happy my waterblocks came today; I get a maze4intel, RBX 478 and a NV-68. "I need to know if this is the way I should test my water cooling setup just some segestions."

1 Test all the watercooling parts to check for leaks before installing them, I donít know how long to test them for?

2. Put it in your pc and test it again for 24 hours for leaks without the computer on.

3. Have fun and check temps and overclock it after the Silver sets in :D




03-03-05, 08:21 PM
Sweet blocks!!! However when i tested mine (oh and i did have some massive leaks) i did it out side of my computer. Its very annoying and time consueming epsically wiht your video block (honestly for that one i installed it and tested it out side my system (still risky)

But i think you will love those blocks!