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03-04-05, 12:19 AM
I have a problem with my 2nd rig. All I've been able to burn on it is DVD-Video at 2x.. I've tried to burn data files... and the verify comes out bad.. I've tried it in XP, 2000, and fresh installs of windows. I've tried DVD +R and -R, Nero and Roxio. I think it came out alright on a DVD +RW I tried. I've tried 3 different burners (BTC, Lite-On, NEC) and got the same thing. I've tried burning from the primary IDE, seconday, raid, and a pci ide card, same thing. Now I can't even rip like i used to! lol (not even sure burning video at 2x will work now) Has anyone had this problem. It's a 2yr-old VPR Matrix i got for a hundred bux a few months ago. does everything else I want except BURN!!! I've already lost many a noble piece of blank media. someone please help.


03-04-05, 01:29 AM
Is the burner running in DMA mode and not PIO mode, that would have a big impact on performance?

03-04-05, 02:32 AM
hey Smokey,

DMA was on too. For some reason, I had problems with DMA and the slave devices of the onboard IDE in my current install of XP, but in 2000, everything looks fine. DMA works; I can burn at 8x but in the end, coaster! :confused:

Could the board just be lousy? or the DMA broken somehow? A couple times i tried to burn at 2x (DVD Decrypter) and it burned at 1x. weird.


03-24-05, 01:35 PM

I've tried everything to get it to work.

Also, I've noticed a couple other things:

the DMA seems to work fine on the Master, but not the Slave, according to Nero InfoTool. the Windows XP Device Manager doesn't give me an option to pick DMA or PIO. While Intel's App Accelerator says Slave DMA works.

In Windows 2000, the Device Manager reports both Master and Slave UMA as working and gives me options.

Running a drive off a PCI IDE card causes XP to freeze, 2000 works fine.

I can basically do everything but burn.
could my motherboard be whacked??

03-26-05, 05:33 PM
hmm.. I installed RecordNow MAX and it can burn now... plus the burns are really good.... at 8x!!! No clue. :confused: