View Full Version : SFF be my future, will you help me?

03-04-05, 08:11 PM

I'm setting up to put together a new system. My current setup is doing okay, but showing its age a bit since I've ventured into huge photoshop files and large databases with multiple applications sprawling all over my desktop.

I've got my eye on a SFF based system, but I'm just not seeing on the market what I would like. Also, I haven't seen many indepth reviews about the internals on these barebone SFF systems. I've seen one SFF case that handles micro-atx boards, but thats about it.

What would you all suggest. I'm looking to go with the newer 939 boards in order to handle upgrades in the future and be a solid setup.

-- jolt

03-06-05, 01:12 PM
Check out Sudhian.com SFF forums. You can find ANYTHING you want to know about SFF there. What exactly are you looking for that you're not finding? Bet you dollars to donuts you can find it on Sudhian.com forums.

Love my SFF. My main PC has been a Shuttle nForce2 box since Marach 2003. A SFF has served me better than a laptop for consulting work in silicon valley.
- Nothing like bringing a 4-LCD workstation with you on-site to show a client you mean business.
- Nothing like a SFF with more RAM than your boss has in his desktop, when you need to run a genomic variance software package you're documenting.