View Full Version : LSI 320-2x Drivers

03-05-05, 04:32 PM
Ok bear with me as i try to explain things and maybe somebody out there has a solution i have not thought of yet. I have a LSI 320-2x controller. if nobody doesnt know what that is its a scsi ultra 320 megaraid controller. I have 6 scsi seagate drives setup as a raid 10 and it works perfectly in windows 2000 but i have been wanting to go to 64 bit windows. My problem lies in the fact that LSI nor Intel ( the onboard chip manufactor) offer 64 bit drivers for an opteron based system. I cant use any other driver as i have tried them all and none of them work they only work for the itanium. I have emailed LSI repeatedly asking for opteron based 64 bit driver i can use with the luck. does anybody have any ideas. i have also tried decorating the 64 bit drivers myself which didnt work