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03-05-05, 08:14 PM

:mad: DAMMIT! Thats two games in a row that I have now shelved due to bugs.

First was KOTOR 2 (still waiting on a patch for that). Now Nexus Jupiter Incident, which I was really getting into, crashes when loading one particular mission and I can't get around it. Its rare that I really "get into" a game these days, and the past two games that I did have been spoilt by bugs.

Stupid software companies... test your **** before you start selling it.

It used to be that PC games would have a bug here and there with a cheap graphics card or obscure sound card... I could deal with that. these days its basic game features that are bugged e.g. :

Talking to this NPC makes this puzzle unsolvable.
Adding this weapon to your inventory causes this level to crash.
Using that spell causes your screen to go black.
Activatating this device is supposed to do something, but has no affect at all.

These things should be caught during play testing. And no, its not "okay coz its on a PC and we can patch it". I don't want to wait 2+ months for the game to be playable.


03-05-05, 10:21 PM
These days its pretty much due to gaming getting too big :( There are getting less and less developers who actually "care" about that game, rather than the bottom line.