View Full Version : Trinity: The Shatter Effect

03-07-05, 02:51 AM
Ive read at gamespot that this game has been cancelled :thumbdwn: .

Why? it looked so promising!

It had matrix style slowmo and it had decent graphics from the screenshots ive seen and all of a sudden its been shutdown :confused:

Does anyone have any news on why this game was cancelled?

Heres some screens: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/trinityshattereffect/screenindex.html

03-07-05, 03:09 AM
Because Activision had low earnings and they said that they had douts that the game would bring in income on the same level they invested in its development. Wise move, the game looks like crap, watch the movies. Still pictures can trick people but the movies wont... animations and even the games engine looks really poor.

03-07-05, 04:57 AM
I know it hasnt got the best graphics ever and some animations were a bit weird to watch but apart from that it loos quite good to me. :confused: