View Full Version : Where do I plug a sub into my Santa Cruz?

03-07-05, 01:11 PM
Title says it all... I can't figure it out...

I'll be plugging headphones, 2.0 speakers, sub, and a line out to my reciever...

Just switched from an audigy and am confused. :(

03-09-05, 01:39 PM

03-09-05, 09:45 PM
:( Bump?

03-10-05, 01:42 AM
I dont know as I havent done this sort of thing yet, but wouldnt you connect the sub directly to the reciever?

03-10-05, 06:45 AM
No, it's an altec lansing sub that was once part of a 2.1 setup... My reciever already has a sub hooked to it, but my Altec Lansing's under my desk....

03-10-05, 07:40 AM
Well my understanding is that you hook the source to the reciver, in this case your Santa Cruz, then the speakers/sub output from the receiver? Im not sure how you would connect a MM sub into this setup as usually the MM speakers connect directly into the sub as they have a built in receiver/amp, so I guess if you connect the speakers into the sub then that into the receiver, but wouldnt that mean that the sound is passing through 2 reveivers/amps?

Sorry if im not much help, Im trying to understand how this all works at the sametime, I understand how to set up a HT with each component, and I have the Creative S750 speakers, so Im trying to understand I could even connect that up to a receiver if I wanted to , I dont want to, just how I could :)

03-10-05, 07:50 AM
it doesnt sound compatable

03-10-05, 07:52 AM
My 2.0 speakers and altec lansing are separate from my reciever, they provide sound at my desk... I used to plug the sub into the black jack in my audigy, but this santa cruz is different, and my 2.0 speakers have no sub in/out.

03-10-05, 08:58 AM
My PC Speakers hook up to the PC while the Sub Hooks up to the Speakers.

03-10-05, 10:20 AM
Actually, what I think I'm gonna do is get a 1/8" to RCA converter, and split my sub out line, so I can use my Aiwa 8" cabinet sub on one side and my Altec lansing on the other... I have saimesed my entertainment center and desk, and have the living room setup so I can finally use my wall mounts for my surround speakers... I think I'll just eliminate the 2.0 setup, and actually have the 5 speakers used for both the reciever/TV and PC... I don't watch broadcast TV, so I have no need to use the reciever separately from my PC... It's an Aiwa AV-D78, with 100x5, 3 dig. in's (2 optical, one coax), Dolby Digital and DTS...

So I guess, um, screw my 2.0 multimedia speakers, they sound nice, but I'll utilize them some other time for something else... and the sub, well, like I said, I'll just split the sub out, so I have 2 running off the reciever...

I really like the music output of this Santa Cruz, and games don't sound too bad either... I'm not too much of an audiophile, but I do appreciate this card... i just don't understand the whole versajack thing.... heh... ;)