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03-08-05, 07:20 AM
Wow a physics processing unit :eek:
Read, read, read, this is revolutionary:



03-08-05, 07:21 AM
welcome to the front page ;)

Interetsing though....

03-08-05, 07:25 AM
I just hope its priced good, Im not really willing to spend $400+ since its only useful if the software is written to use it... which I dout many will be in the beginning.

03-08-05, 08:53 AM
This is awesome. It really does remind me of how exciting 3dfx cards were! I really hope this succeeds.

03-08-05, 09:00 AM
A few more links:

Ageia announces PhysX processing unit

Q&A: Epic Games' Tim Sweeney on Ageia PhysX

03-08-05, 09:23 AM
Yeah, sounds cool n impressive. But I fear this will make pc gaming even more expensive :thumbdwn:

03-08-05, 09:32 AM
I think nvidia or ATI will probably buy AGEIA and incorporate the silicon on their chips.

03-08-05, 09:33 AM
I don't believe there is any cause to be concerned about price. It is clearly stated that this card would be affordable, which usually means in the sub-$200 price range.

Yes, hopefully this will eventually be an included part of graphics cards, which could then be called "gaming cards" or something similar.

03-08-05, 11:42 AM
Should be neat if they become standard integrated on Mobo..
I guess it would be a noticable cost difference with 128mb GDDR3 and stuff..
Still, its a neat idea

03-08-05, 12:02 PM
Since these chips require dedicated memory and quite a bit of it. I dont feel its feasible to add it on to a current video card board. However I think they are gonna have to start bundleing them in wtih video cards and or *shock* games if they wanna make it!

03-08-05, 12:16 PM
The hard part is getting it started I guess..
Noone wants it without the support in games, and why would developers bother when there is no support in the target audience..
But if they manage to struggle over that treshold, perhaps by buying their ride on a very popular game(s)..
but then again, making 2 version of the game with alot destructables and physics objects, and one with alot less, is hard to motivate...
Guess you would almost need 2 versions of every map or something..

03-08-05, 12:38 PM
I'm not going to get too hyped until I see some in game videos and benchmarks showing that it a: looks better, and b: can't be done on a standard processor.

03-08-05, 01:13 PM
I want it and i want it NOW ! :drooling:

03-08-05, 02:20 PM
OMFG thats so awesome I want one right now :D:D:D:D

03-08-05, 02:56 PM
does look sweet - maybe one day hey lads..........

03-08-05, 03:27 PM
Cool to see they got Epic games as a partner already, Unreal 3 engine

03-08-05, 04:24 PM
More partners:

Ubisoft And AGEIA Join Forces To Re-Ignite Game Innovation

Reality Engine Integrates NovodeX Physics (from Feb 22nd)

Microsoft Announces XNA Studio

EDIT: Yet another :)

SEGA Signs Deal with AGEIA to Use Physics Technology for Developing Next-Gen Games

03-08-05, 07:38 PM
this is so exciting. if it costs somewhere around $70-80 i think it'll do well with the same ppl that shell out cash for audigy 2zs cards.

03-09-05, 12:09 AM

Man, I wish there's company that comes up with an idea to create a PPU(Physics Processing Unit). That should leave only the AI to the CPU unless we could make an AIPU.

I knew this day would come since July 30, 2004. :)

03-09-05, 02:44 AM
Yea I will definetely get one of these if its priced good :)

03-09-05, 02:53 AM
has anyone run there demos yet ? this looks really interesting.

03-09-05, 07:26 AM
Sounds like a sweet idea, and definetly an original one. I mean I remember old school math coprocessors that sold seperately... but a seperate Physics Processor? :eek:

Quick question... what would this do for people that already have a high end Athlon64/FX, would the difference honestly be noticable?

03-09-05, 09:14 AM
It is absolutely uncomparable to CPU no matter how fast. It is the same as to try to render doom3 with your A64 instead of with your vid card. So the idea of such a PPU is wonderful and I've thought about such thing couple of years ago. But maybe the time has now come to see it realized and I hope very soon such a card will be standard like vid card is for a long time now. Because physics is much worse than graphics in modern games.

03-09-05, 09:20 AM
There is supposed to some sort of announcement with regards to PPUs at Cebit...exactly what I dunno coz well my informant wasn't erm specefic. I know guys..sorry but things this time round is very very sketchy at best.

03-09-05, 02:21 PM
They should integrate it in Video Cards that way people woun't have to buy two separate parts to play games :p , makes me wonder why it took so long to get PPU out , years ago i was wondering why CPUs suck so much for Physics and noone else makes addon card :D