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03-08-05, 03:13 PM
LOL, can any of you top this one for strange/freak computer problem?

I have a Pioneer 106s slot loading DVD-ROM. Been a great drive, continues to be a great drive. Never any problems reading/ripping discs.

Here's the problem. About a week ago I noticed out of the blue it seemed that the drive stopped spinning down when I would insert a CD/DVD. Even if I didn't access the disc - it keeps spinning at full speed. After about 5 mintues I just eject the disc to keep it from doing this, but it should spin down within a minute.

Here is what I've done to try to fix this:
1) flashed the firmware on the drive itself (twice)
2) flashed my abit motherboard BIOS back to 1.7 (was at 1.9)
3) reinstalled my operating system and applications from scratch
4) after rebuilding left autorun and all of that at default - did not load tweakui either

Problem is still there! I posted about this over on abxzone and someone helped me get to the bottom of it.

Apparently some program, who knows what or where it came from nor when it did this, reset a bit in the drive itself at the firmware level to set my spindown time to 8 minutes. How did I find this out? I downloaded Nero Drivespeed and when you open it my spin-down time is set to 8 minutes. The normal default should be something around 32 seconds-1 minute.

I don't burn DVDs on this machine. I only have powerdvd on there. So it's a complete and total mystery as far as what program went on there and caused this problem with the drive.

Worse yet, this is a permanent problem. The pioneer flash updates will not reset this particular bit in the drive - so I'm screwed. I can either eject discs as soon as I'm done with them (and not insert them until I need them) or load DriveSpeed each and every time I restart windows and go in and change that setting.

I challenge you to produce a situation any stranger than that one. What a mystery eh??? :D

03-08-05, 06:20 PM
Any program that is changing Firmware settings is NOT a program that I would want to use. Very, very odd. Do you use anything like Alcohol or Damien Tools to play your... ::cough:: backed up ::cough:: ...games? I personally hate those progs, but some people swear by them. Maybe one of those?

Sounds to me that the drive is just going bad, though. Slot loaders go bad all the time for one reason or another. Other than the cost issue, this is the reason they aren't used in gaming systems. Might just be flaking out and thats why its REPORTING 8 minutes.

I actually don't know of any programs that change firmware settings minus firmware writing softwares. Good luck man...but really....I think its just your drive going bad. I hope you get to the bottom of this.

03-08-05, 06:36 PM
It works just fine if I use Nero DriveSpeed to change the value. It is defaulting to 8 - that is incorrect. The drive works just fine otherwise and I'm convinced something got in there and tweaked that somehow. What it was I don't know - no daemon tools or alcohol 120% installed. Nothing like that. It's really just mind boggling. I think the drive is physically fine.

03-08-05, 06:52 PM
I had a shagged drive once.. It would only recognise disks if I pushed the tray in. Using the eject/load button wouldn't recognise anything.

Also on my old Plextor CD burner, something went mad and it made a 16 speed drive with 2meg cache come up as 52 speed with 37meg cache.. Yet it would only burn at 1 speed.. Never figured it out.. Happened as soon as I installed daemon tools actually. I just took it out and put it in the missus' pc. :)