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03-08-05, 05:52 PM
Hi everyone,

I will be at CeBIT this week, which starts on thursday. Because of the fact that I am still looking for questions for my interviews, I would appreciate if you could post "your" questions down hear!

I will talk to NVIDIA, ATI, S3, XGI, Intel, AMD and more...

Thanks for your help


03-08-05, 05:57 PM
for ati and nvidia: can we expect co-processor integrations into the gpu for physics, AI, or sound? like that PPU add-in card that's the buzz lately but integrated into the gpu.

for cpu: how will dual core cpus handle single threaded apps? will one core shut off and one core speed up for single threaded apps? i wouldn't like running cpu intensive single threaded apps @1.8ghz.

03-08-05, 08:45 PM
Take some spy PHOTOs, and send them to me.

For NV, ask what they thought about Semens on 6800Ultra?? (just kiddin)
actually ask: what are some of the key focuses for GPU development for the next 2 yrs?? (ie: physics calculation, decoding encoding, shading capacity?)

Same for ATI. For Intel: ask what differences are we going to see (performance wise) for the dual core Xtreme edition CPU?? and How will dualcore cpus fair out in Single threaded applications compare with the current 2mb prescott?

For AMD, ask if the E4 stepping of Athlon64s (with SSE3 support, 90nm) will be able to handle 4 sticks of ram with 1T command rate, and will AMD add HyperThreading like feature. :angel:

03-08-05, 09:26 PM
Question to nVIDIA : what can you tell the SLI owners or those who plan to get one soon about :
1)Thier fears of a new next gen product that may come shortly & replaces the 6800 SLI configs giving a better perfomance/price ratio ?
2)The future SLI support & esp for the 6800/6600 line ?

ATi : well obviously looking for info on thier plans on multi-gpu tech & when they expect it to arrive ?

XGI : any new competetive video card solutions coming soon ??

03-09-05, 03:54 AM
i have to go with the spy photo thing .... this is a must !!!

03-09-05, 02:29 PM
How will China's recent anti-secessionist law affect Taiwan's semiconductor economy to export video cards and motherboards to the North American market? Will this put pressure on nVidia or ATi in the future to maybe begin to look at foundries not located in Asia?