View Full Version : DX1-Ultimate keyboard or another piece of $*%$

03-08-05, 06:52 PM
Saw this at Toms Hardware


"Over my years as a gamer I have spent quite a bit of money on trying to find a device that functioned with the simplicity of a keyboard, but also had the flexibility of adapting to my own preferences. All the devices I have tried in the past felt like botched attempts to reinvent the wheel, where the DX1 is like the introduction of the flying car. If you have been on the same quest as I have, once you use the DX1 you may agree that it is better named the "TL1" - as in, "The Last One" you may ever need."

03-08-05, 07:10 PM
I don't understand your post title. Why is it a piece of ****?

03-08-05, 07:23 PM
Well....being a left-handed gamer I have tried many setups and configurations for playing games, including the nostromo nv52, which was piece of **** IMO. so i'm just wondering if any one has tried this and if it's as good as some of the reviews out there have said.

03-08-05, 07:24 PM
ah, okay...now I get it. ;)

03-09-05, 02:30 PM
Interesting idea but i don't see how it would work for me personaly, buttons are tall , alot of empty space arround , and with enough force you could prolly slide them to different place and mess up all your setup :rolleyes:

I already got my dream keyboard :drooling: Linky (http://www.eluminx.com/product.asp?pid=4) Buttons are slim Notebook type profile , takes fraction of time to press one compared to regular keyboards , plus its USB and is iluminated.