View Full Version : Please help MSI NX6600GT VTD128

lord deathskull
03-10-05, 09:08 AM
I heve big problem with MSI NX6600GT VTD128. I instal the driver version 71.90 In the cousre of 3DMARK 03 it hes fall down and I must restart computer. I am try reste BIOS on MB and reinstal WinXP. I try played Richards Burns Rally, but about 10 minutes it hes fall down.

I have this compter components:
CPU: AMD A XP 2600+ M
RAM: 2x256 PQI DDR 400MHz CL2.5
HDD: S-ATA Seagate 160 GB with NCQ
Power Supply: 400W OEM


03-10-05, 12:11 PM
I have a similar setup as you... although i didnt have the huge problems :)

update your motherboard bios by d/ling the latest stuff from the asus website.

is your power to the card all hooked up, etc?

lord deathskull
03-10-05, 12:33 PM
OKI, i try it

lord deathskull
03-10-05, 01:01 PM
I update BIOS revision 1013. But i heve alike BIG PROBLEM. In the course of 3D MARK 03 at second test it has FALL DOWN.
My power cable is connected to teh card.

03-10-05, 02:10 PM
What kinds of crashes are you experiencing? Any error messages, blue screens of death, etc?

What is the brand and model of your power supply? What is your power supply's rating on the +12v line? This information should be labeled right on the unit. It looks like you have a generic unit, and that could be a major part of your problem.

lord deathskull
03-10-05, 05:04 PM
No errors, no screen. I heve power supply 400W noname. I havenīt labeled on power supply. This time I have Instal power supply 350W from EuroCase. On 12V 14A. I think that is it excessive heating on AGP bridge on my card, becouse it is very HOT.

03-22-05, 03:49 PM
I think that is it excessive heating on AGP bridge on my card, becouse it is very HOT.
Please check
(mvktech, search for "Enabling temp monitoring guide")
and update your's MSI bios. You will get GPU temperature enabled, HSI bridge temp is a guess.
I have exactly the same card in my shutte XPC, should be even hotter environment than yours. I am running my northwood system with 240W PSU. Works flawlessly, thou card is running 52C normal load, 69C under heavy load.
Have you detached the GPU/memory heatsink and replaced the thermal paste? As well as replaced the HSI/AGP bridge passive heatsink's paste? Did that as first thing, modding bios for temp was second.
Now this may or may not help you, set rivatuner temp monitor on.
Underclock your card: If it does not crash, it is either heat or PSU.