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03-10-05, 02:27 PM
Complete and working PC along with LCD must go due to new addition.
Antec Sonata Case(black)
Enermax 460w psu(blue/gold)
Chaintech ZNF3-250Pro with card reader
AMD 3400+ Retail. 2.2GHz/1mb L2. Retail AMD HSF
1GB(2x512) Corsair PC3200C2
2x 80GB WesternDigital 8mb pata hd's
BFG 6800GT OC. Green PCB reference nvidia hsf
Creative Audigy 2 soundcard
LiteOn 166s. 16x DVDROM (black)
TDK 440n DVDRW. 4x. (black)
Kingston full size keyboard(black)
Logitech MX700 wireless mouse with Ratpadz GS
Asking $1100
*Will ship very well packaged in original case box and will include all manuals/cds.

-Dell 2001FP LCD. 20.1". Barely a month old. No dead pixels that I can see
Ships in original box with all papers
Asking $450

-Asetek VapoChill eXtreme. R404. Socket A,all A64, and 478 P4. Tons of extra parts including an additional CC2. Will ship in original box with all papers and manuals
Asking $400

-Xbox. Rarely used. Will ship in original box with all papers and includes Halo and KOTOR.
Asking $100

-Playstation 2. Original design. Works flawless. DVD remote. Ships in original box with all papers. Comes with SSX3 and FFX
Asking $100
All prices include shipping.
Heat: kakarot
eBay: projectshop

email me at impala71@rcn.com
if interested.

03-10-05, 02:41 PM
wow, if I had $$$, i would have grabbed that 2001FP from u.

03-10-05, 04:34 PM
A friendly bump, but also a question. Does the PS2 come with a memory card?

03-10-05, 05:08 PM
#%%%$%%#%$%#$ man!!!!i just got a gameboy sp with the works....if only this thread stated 4 days ago!!!!i would have bought that xbox.

03-11-05, 10:05 AM
Thx for hte bumps:) And sorry for forgetting to mention it but yes, the PS2 comes with a memory card(sony 8mb). Also the Xbox will come with about 20 Xbox mag demo disks.

03-11-05, 02:19 PM
You've got e-mail!

03-16-05, 12:12 PM
Everything but the Vapochill is sold.
Thanks much