View Full Version : 2D Clock - Gainward Expert Utility

03-10-05, 07:52 PM
I was just looking today at my registry, trying to go above Gainwards limit of 420 core clock. I had my card clocked at 420 and in the registry It had this:

(Default) (value not set)
2Dcclk 402
2Dcclkdef 350
cclk 420
cclkdef 350
ClockInit 0
MaxClock 0
mclk 1175
mclkdef 1000

Now why does it say that it is 350Mhz 2d clock in the utility and in nvidia's menu, when it actually is 402Mhz? I know that you clock to 402Mhz to get rid of the Temperature problem. I didn't know that the driver was doing it, its self. I am just wondering if anyone else caught this, or has seen this.

03-10-05, 09:55 PM
The nvidia utility will reset whatever clock you put in expertool (As I have noticed).... so I set my OC in expertool and dont open up nvidias utility... and if I do... I have to go back to expertool and set my OC again.