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03-11-05, 08:44 PM
One of those quick cash fundraiser type deals. I've gone back to using my trusty old Intellimouse Optical SE that's been sitting in a drawer for the last several months. All you would be receiving is what's in the picture, no box, no driver CD, just the mouse and USB-PS2 adapter. The mouse shows pretty normal wear with a couple light scratches on the primary buttons. The mouse also comes with teflon feet stuck on for smooth gliding on most any surface. It also helped protect the feet from excess wear and tear.

Asking $25 shipped to the USA, Canada/International will pay additional shipping. PayPal and money orders are accepted as well. Heatware/eBay feedback are both under my user ID on this forum.


03-11-05, 08:50 PM
Wish I had known sooner as I just bought one. Well, here is a bump for a good buy on a good gaming mouse.

03-11-05, 08:55 PM
Take it back and get this one to save yourself some $$$. :p

Thanks for the bump anyway. :)

03-11-05, 10:54 PM
Hey I have the cd somewhere, and whoever buys this, i'll rip what files I can from the cd, and send them to the buyer. that way you'll have the software.

03-11-05, 11:05 PM
I could just download the drivers and burn them to a CD for no extra charge, or the download of Mouseware 9.80 is only about 5 MB, which even a dial-up user should be able to handle without trouble.

03-12-05, 12:04 AM
you could do that to.

03-12-05, 02:18 PM
Saturn, would u be able to take a close up pix of the bottom of the mouse to see the feet as well of a close up of the light scratches? I might have someone who is interested. Thanks in advance

03-12-05, 06:03 PM
The lighting in my place is pretty terrible so this is the best picture of the underside I could get:


Since the mouse has dark buttons, you really don't notice that there are any scratches unless you're looking directly at them up-close. They're more like hairline scratches that would be consistent with daily use. I can't really photograph them as they're not blatantly obvious.

03-12-05, 09:00 PM
Another BUMP!
The original feet should be in good shape since you are using Teflon tape. Teflon works great...you might try Slick Surf mouse feet as they are available in oval in different thicknesses and are stiffer than the tape.

03-22-05, 10:44 PM
BUMP for an excellent mouse at a great price.