View Full Version : I made PureVideo finally works in ProgDVB software!

03-12-05, 04:58 AM
Hi all,

If you have the Nvidia DVD decoder and a DVB PCI card, like Twinhan or so, and use the great free ProgDVB software (www.progdvb.com) to watch and record, you may notice that when you select nvidia as the video decoder in "Audio and Video options" you get an error message when navigating channels, that's because some wrong entries in the filter files ProgDVB installs by default.

I spent days searching for a solution but with no luck, so I decided to give it a go and opened the filter files with a text editor, I found some references to non-existed directories so I removed them, and now it works PERFECTLY, my CPU usage dropped from 20-25% to 7-12% while watching satellite, and IQ is SUPERB, I love PureVideo :)

To fix your installation of ProgDVB, unzip the attached files to "ProgDVB\FilterGraphs" folder (default is c:\ProgDVB\FilterGraphs) and overwrite any existing files. then go to Settings > Audio and Video > Direct show > and select "nvidia" for TV channels & Radio, click ok!

Happy PureVideo everyone :)

03-12-05, 05:24 AM
wow nice.... thanks for the heads up !!