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03-12-05, 05:19 PM
I need help on this - as I have no other idea how to solve this.

On Windows 2003 32 bit and 64 bit - the official 71.84 driver does not enable SLI.

I can recreate the problem on two workstations 100% of the time.

The problem can be recreated with a pair of 6800ultra as well as a pair of Quadro 4400 's.

With 66.93, 67.22 and 70.78 the SLI is always recognized and able to be selected.

With the official 71.84 ther is no hint of SLI.

No - there is no pop-up for SLI enable
No - there is no SLI enable section in the menu
No - there no device errors

Yes - if it was not a pristine load, the old drivers were always removed.

Yes - both cards are recognized
Yes - both cards show up in device manager without any exlamation marks after the driver is installed.
Yes- I have turned on hardware acceleration for both cards.
Yes - I have the SLI connector in place correctly.
Yes - Both cards have the same bios revisions for each pair.
Yes - I have enable DXDiag's 3d accel
Yes - I have done this on a clean installation with out prior drivers in the registry
Yes, the OS is up to date.

Why would Nvidia not provide a driver for their flagship card? On the Nvidia webpage it cleartly states support from this driver for Server 2003 in the 32 bit vesrsion as well as the driver for the 64 bit version.

I have 2 Quadro 4400fx that currently will not SLI with any official driver from Nvidia after 70.78. All previousd drivers, even if they provide SLI - do not provide adequate support for the Quadro 4400s.

So I pose the question to Nvidia and the community. How do I SLI 2 quadro fx 4400s with the official 71.84???

Please provide help on the issue as I have run out of ideas.

Please read the post fully so that you are aware of the criteria and attempts that have been tried.

Please read the signature for system spec.

Drivers that do enable SLI in Win Server 2003 - 66.93 (crashes with Quadros), 67.22 and 70.78.

Drivers that do not enable SLI - 67.20, 67.21, 71.20, 71.24, 70.80, 74.10, 75.90, 76.10.

It seems that the 76.10 have the best Quadro support, but no SLI.

Hope this was enough information to render a functional solution

THX in advance


03-12-05, 08:01 PM
It sounds like you've covered everything that comes to mind regarding effectively troubleshooting this. Unfortunately I don't have any other ideas but I'd like to at least give this thread a bump for you. Good luck.

03-12-05, 10:33 PM

always apprciated.


03-13-05, 12:49 AM
A couple links to help keep track of this problem..

03-13-05, 01:20 AM
Stay with Windows XP. Windows 2003 Server is intended for server things, not gaming or so...

Save yourself of headaches, and install Windows XP SP2. You won't see an advantage of Windows 2003 over Windows XP, especially not of 64bit Windows 2003 over 32bit Windows XP in the gaming...

03-13-05, 11:38 AM
Not true.

Win 2003 Srv can see my 16Gb of ram, XP cannot

Win 2003 Srv makes use of NUMA (non-uniform memory architecture) XP cannot

Win 2003 Srv can manage unix based file structures which I need, XP cannot

Win 2003 Srv can manage node interleaving on the dual motherboard, XP cannot

Win 2003 Srv can see my HBA SAN cards, XP is not licensed or cabable of doing that

Win 2003 Srv is allowed to back up my files from my main SQL Srv Ent database, XP is not licensed to do that.

I'm running a dual Opteron 252 with 16Gb of ram and SATA 1.6 Terabytes of storage, there are countless optimizations on the srv build that are not available on XP.

XP 64 bit is weak, but the 64 bit version of 2003 enterprise srv is quite robust,

Last, the medical imaging software I use is 64 bit. It can run in 32 bit mode, but it completely stable and faster in 64 bit.



03-13-05, 01:14 PM
The sad thing is that i can sucked out higher frames with AMD 3800+ with two 6800Ultra card than you can do with your system :)

As I said forget the gaming with the 64bit OS for now. 16Gb of memory means a nothing as far as gaming goes, neither your second CPU, neither 400GB hard drive.

And again I didn't talk about job, and professional tasks you need to do using your system but only about gaming.

Make second partition and install Windows XP, 71.84 and enjoy in the gaming. It's not gonna utilize 16Gb of ram, but 4Gb should overkill anyway...


03-13-05, 01:31 PM
bravo! :)

03-13-05, 03:30 PM
Maybe I failed to communicate when I said that I was looking for Quadro functionality in SLI.

I use 1600x1200 for OpenGL fly-throughs on composite body slices from MRI and CT. The SLI is also for professional applications. Nowhare in my post did I say i wanted to play doom 3 . Infact I never discussed any games or applications. I just was seeking help in getting my dual quadros to peerform AS ADVERTISED.

If you check - I did specify "medical imaging software"

its not always games, some of us have to also do work on our personal PCs