View Full Version : sapphire support is crap

03-12-05, 06:35 PM
I originally had a sapphire 550 pro theatrix tv tuner in my sig, no longer there. Basically because they forgot to provide tv tuning (had the driver cd though) software in the package. It's supposed to come with Cyberlink Powercinema. It gets worse. So, no biggie. I call ATI as sapphire redirects it customer support there. ATI only does sapphire's hardware and software support, won't supply a cd. I am told by the ATI person to go to sapphire. Call sapphire. They tell me to return the product for a replacement. How frickin cheap. They could have taken my serial no and info and sent me a disk. Then when I call tigerdirect, they don't have any and I am now getting a refund. I am not holding any grudge against tigerdirect, but that is soo cheap when you can't send out a cd. And when the tuner costs $115 cdn and the software is $49 US to buy, I am not buying that software alone.