View Full Version : Changing IRQ device locations [pic]

03-14-05, 01:30 PM
Quick question -- as shown in the image below, i have 2 instances of devices sharing the same IRQ slot. I am wondering A) is this OK? and B) if not, how do i change them, or should i simply disable the USB controller?


thanks for any help. ;)

03-14-05, 03:44 PM
USB and network together should be fine. If it was video and sound, then you might have a problem. As long as everything in your system is functioning normally, don't worry about it.

03-14-05, 11:33 PM
note: you can't change IRQs in Windows XP. Notice the number of your IRQs being shared is number 22 and 21? Well there are only 16 IRQs. 0-15.

In 9x and Me, hardware was alowed direct access to system resources, in Windows XP and 2000, it has to go through the OS first. This adds a little over head, but increases stability dramatically. The number IRQ it is assigned in windows is most likely virtual, and is mapped to a real IRQ as the OS sees fit.

So don't wory about it, Windows XP is designed to take advantage of PnP. It can dynamicaly use system resources from the information it receives from BIOS.

Forget all the driver conflict stuff in 9x, it's no longer an issue now.

03-15-05, 10:42 AM
thanks for the info. everything is running ok except my ethernet connection sometimes doesnt work when i boot windows. i was going to chalk it up as a router compatability issue because it only happens on my nForce2 mobo comp. but, when i was checking out the IRQ stuff i thought this may be another problem though because my ethernet controller shares the same IRQ # as a usb controller.

guess i will have to test out another router or something...

thanks again..