View Full Version : want a 6600gt agp, FS/T: 9700p, Olympus D-560, audigy, D-Link 604 router

03-14-05, 07:31 PM
hoping for a trade + cash on the card, or perhaps if i can get 2 ppl interested in buying/selling at the same time so my comp isnt down to long.
9700 is a powercolor, it for sure runs 370/355, but ive never pushed more than that. and frankly i never even keep it overclocked unless i play a game that really needed it.
all ive done to it is take off the shim, lap the sink and go back together with AS

the digicam is a year old. got it last christmas. very lightly used. still have box and everything. came with a 16meg card and has the 128 bought only a month ago for a wedding.
only thing is my aunt got it through her job and it has the name printed on it and the case. its just a darker grey text isnt really noticeable.
i have a pic of it if you'd like to see. asking 120shipped

the router works fine, just had to get rid of some wires to quiet down the wife. has latest bios flashed. can toss in some cables if you need. 25shipped

and i dunno on the audigy... say 30shipped? make an offer. im just ditching it for the money and going to the soundstorm.

03-14-05, 07:53 PM
Prices please and some heatware and ebay feedback.plz. pics


03-14-05, 10:56 PM
hmm... prices are there :wtf:
ebay and anand is night, im niqht on rage3d. dont have heat.
i'll have to get pics tomorrow.

03-15-05, 01:59 PM
YGPM for the Audigy