View Full Version : WTB: Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, Audigy or Audigy 2

03-15-05, 01:24 PM
Looking to get away from a host-based audio solution to something that can handle processing duties off my CPU. I'm not too keen on spending a lot of money to do it. I'm looking to pay the following prices for the following sound cards (including shipping):

Santa Cruz - $25
Audigy - $35
Audigy 2 - $45

If someone wants to sell me an Audigy 2 ZS for $50 shipped, I'd take that but I don't think anyone would. PM me if you have one of these to sell. Heatware/eBay are both under my user name on this forum.

03-15-05, 01:26 PM
umm... check 2 posts below. i have an audigy.

03-15-05, 01:27 PM
I have a santa cruz I'd be willing to part with.... music playback on it is schweet IMO...

03-15-05, 01:30 PM
Would you be willing to part with the Santa Cruz for $20 shipped? Otherwise I may take the Audigy for $30 as listed in the other thread.

03-15-05, 01:55 PM
Not to be a tightwad, but I'd really need $25 + shipping...

I'm becoming extremely poor as of late, and must squeeze every dang penny. :(

It's all right.

03-15-05, 01:58 PM
Yeah, sorry, I think I'll be taking that Audigy. Night, check your PMs.

03-15-05, 08:22 PM
Audigy purchased from night, no need for this thread any more.