View Full Version : Use a LCD 27" Widescreen TV with my PC

03-16-05, 10:10 AM
Hey All,

I wanna use my 27" widescreen TV and plug my PC into this, I will be running a 6800GT graphics card. Can someone tell me about what the picture quality will be like and what settings I should use? Or is this a bad idea?

" W I D E S C R E E N "

03-16-05, 11:17 AM
Out of curiosity, what's the make and model?

I'm not particularly an expert on this, but I can't imagine that it would look particularly good. You'll most likely be running a large screen at a relatively low resolution.

03-16-05, 12:47 PM
If your card has DVI out just connect it to the TV, Quality will be ok but it wont match an actual PC Monitors resolution.

03-16-05, 01:38 PM

Yeah its a Logik 27" Widescreen, so you think DVI will be ok?