View Full Version : WTB: Radeon 9800Pro

03-16-05, 10:47 AM
I am looking for a 9800Pro 128MB card for my friend. He isnt willing to come into the Online selling trading thing so he wants me to do it for him.

The card doesnt have to be ATi, it can be sapphire or something else.

The card cannot be RMA. Retail or OEM is fine.

Please PM me if you have a card like that

Heat: Dark-Colonel
Email: fourthbob@sympatico.ca
MSN: fourthbob@hotmail.com

Please PM me, I dont check my email inbox everyday

03-17-05, 09:36 AM
Bump ~ Please bump if you PM me


03-17-05, 11:19 AM
how about a 6800NU instead?? :D

03-20-05, 02:32 AM
Im selling one in the post above