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03-16-05, 02:59 PM
I tried out the 64 bit windows xp rc2 to see what is going on. Here is what I have noticed so far.

1. Nvidia's 64 bit whql candidate display driver does not support SLI. When you install the drivers and restart, you get a out of range refresh warning from the monitor and no sli options in the display properties. It would be nice to have this fixed since Nvidia invested a little coin into the whole thing.

2. 64 bit Antivirus software is hard to come by. The only home solution is avast's home antivirus 4.6. Symantec has their corporate 9.0. Amd's site for windows 64 drivers and software claims mcafee's corporate and ca trust's antivirus 7.1 are 64 bit. Mcafee's doesn't make mention of it and ca trust's installer stops and errors that it's not a 32 bit windows version it's installing to. Even though ca trusts site is claiming 64 bit support.

3. Chipset software. Installed and works fine for Nvidia's beta 6.39 64 bit. Noticed a lot more drivers in the system properties under the system devices (AMD and Nvidia labelled). I am attempting to contact AMD to see how far they are in getting a cool n quiet driver out since I could not see one for 64 bit windows.

So, to say so far, it seems as usual the hardware and software manufacturer's are waiting out to hear from microsoft on a confirmation for release date. Although some sites are posting march 28th, microsoft hasn't come out and said anything yet. It frustrating that microsoft launched a beta software program for the public and the manufacturer's (with some exceptions) didn't follow suit for development to show the public they are ready to go when the time comes. The fear I always have when a new version of windows is released when you are traveling the web to see if they got drivers out for your products yet. Kind of a christmas meets halloween where you find who is keeping up with current times in the sense of manufacturers.

03-16-05, 04:12 PM
I got pretty much the same experience..
Tried to find out if Cool n Quiet could be enabled, doesnt seem like it..
DLed "Dashboard" from AMDs utility site but it wont run, supposed to support XP64..

miss the Logitech drivers a bit..

Seems like a nice OS tho, feels snappy and neat.

03-16-05, 04:44 PM
got the answer from amd, sounds like they won't release a beta test driver. They are looking for the RTM release of windows. Which again bothers me. Why can't the companies all make 64 bit drivers to show when the RTM comes out that they will have WHQL drivers near or at that time. It's a consumer confidence here I am talking about. Jolle, I agree. It is very snappy, neat and even more thought out than xp. Not that xp is bad, but it looks like MS went to the next level in some areas. Does MSI make a cool n quiet dashboard utility. I actually use the current one from Asus. It's supposed to make use of win xp 64 bit. You might want to check to see if they made a custom version.

03-16-05, 06:18 PM
You know I just installed Everest Home..
and it shows my CPU going down to 1ghz, and up agian to 2.4 depending on what I do..
Which seems like CnQ is enabled after all.. Fan speed seems to remain the same tho..
or maybe when Everst is running..

The "Dashboard" is a AMD utility, from their site..
MSIs utility is called "CoreCenter" and it wont install, neither will Gigabytes Vtuner for my 6800GT..

I think tearing out all the old 16bit legacy stuff might have something to do with the "snappier" feel to it.. a guess..

03-17-05, 09:59 AM
thanks guys for the feedback..

03-17-05, 11:29 PM
jolle, if you are looking for the logitech wingman 64 bit drivers, here's a beta for you.


and here's amd's site for listing of 64 bit drivers and antivirus software. Mind you Ca trust is in closed beta and mcafee's doesn't mention 64 bit support.


03-18-05, 02:57 AM
Ah tnx, but I ment logitech mouse drivers, for my MX700
Using Avast! atm, its free and has a XP64 compatible version, tho it doesnt seem to acctually BE 64bit when you look in the task manager..

04-13-05, 02:52 PM
What will the performance differences be between winxp and winxp 64? I understand the concept, but so far, I haven't seen any major differences in performance.

-- jolt

04-14-05, 12:30 PM
You need Mcafee Enterprise v8.0 for 64-bit support - it is mentioned in the readme file accompying the release.

You can download a trial off their website.