View Full Version : 71.84 display optimization

03-17-05, 03:23 PM
Anyone run the display optimization on 71.84 drivers?

Wow, makes my monitor look kinda weird!

03-18-05, 07:26 AM
Ya i tried the display optimization...it's a great idea but it works like @ss.
Gamma tuning makes my display way too dark.

03-18-05, 10:51 AM
well, actually, I kinda like it now... the colors look alot more vibrant. but things are darker... but then again, my gamma settings were kinda off.. like the usual "This line/color should be barely visible", was usually clearly visible.

For example, the GTR demo at dusk, it actually looks like I'm playing at dusk.. the red orange sky is more vibrant.. the LCD blue backlight actually looks like its glowing.. the lights look more realistic and everything genreally looks less washed out.. It seems like they actually designed the game more for this gamma level in mind..

however, some games/pics/whatever are setup to use the ultra bright settings that most people set their monitors up to..

for some online FPS games, I like to crank the gamma up still, so I can see everything ultraclearly.. and I'm sure everyone else does.. however then you get that wierd overgamma effect..