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03-18-05, 06:55 AM
OK - funds are in place to build A64 system...

Now I have to make a tough call as I can't afford to do what I REALLY want to do (damn mortgage payments)

Keeping in mind that I game with a 17" LCD monitor (that I plan to keep) at 1280x1024 res (which works out great for me), what would you do with these 2 options:

Option 1 - A64 3000 and 2 6800GT PCI in SLI
Option 2 - A64 4000 and 1 6800GT PCI

Here is what I have to think about. Dual core CPU's are right around the corner, so it might make sense to initially go cheap on the CPU and jump on dual core later. On the other hand, new graphics cards will be out soon that will make the 6800GT's a bit more "mundane" (they rock compared to whats available today, I have an AGP 6800GT = roXXorZ).

What would you do? Option 1 or Option 2?


03-18-05, 06:57 AM
The 3000+might limit gaming in general. I would say get a middle of the road 3500 and a GT and do the next refresh SLI ;)

03-18-05, 07:56 AM
I'm not sure if I am stating an obvious possibility. But 3000+ A64 are known to OC well. Why not get 2 6800GTS and OC the 3000+ a few hundred mhz and get near 3600+ performance? Seems like the smart thing to do to me :)

03-18-05, 08:04 AM
Since you're limited to 1280x1024, it doesn't make a lot of sense to get two graphics cards. I would split it up this way:

A64 3500+ and 1 GeForce 6800 Ultra PCI-E

That way it will really feel like an upgrade over your current 6800 GT AGP.

The two options you listed will set you back around $1,000. But going this way will be around $800. Then you can put the money you save away towards a future upgrade, or to buy something else like a bigger hard drive, more RAM, etc.

My new LCD limits me to 1280x1024 and my dual 6600 GT cards work just fine at that resolution, and a 6800 Ultra will absolutely spank what I have now.

03-19-05, 05:36 PM
Between them two options I would go with the A64 4000 and a 6800GT,since you are limited by your monitor.

03-19-05, 08:23 PM
I have to agree with what others are saying 1 6800GT + 3500+. If you want to overclock a lot, go for a 3000+ winchester and save yourself $150. Youll probably be able to get 3800+ speed out of a 3000+ overclocked.

Whatever you do, im sure youll be very pleased with the performance.

03-19-05, 08:31 PM
Go option two, it will be easier to sell one card in the future and then you can move to SLI on the next refresh. Plus you'll have the CPU power to last for a couple years.

03-20-05, 03:10 AM
a64 3200+ + gf68GT. if u r lookin forward for dualcore.
save the mony for dualcore. i did the same thing :P

03-21-05, 07:29 AM
Thanks for the good input folks - helped me make up my mind. Here are the new specs (stuff is being shipped to me currently)

Win XP Pro OEM|Audigy 2 ZS Sound Card Retail|AMD Athlon 64 4000+ Processor Socket 939 Retail|Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe nForce 4 SLI Skt939 Motherboard| EVGA GeForce 6800 Ultra|Corsair Value Select 1 GB DDR PC3200 (512MB x 2) CAS 2.5| 2x 80 GB Seagate 8mb NCQ|Samsung 16X DVD TS-H352A| Lian Li PC60 Case|ANTEC TRU550EPS12V ATX Power Supply

I figure that I can pull the PC3500 ram outta my old machine and put it in the new machine - take the value select ram and put it in the old one.

All that for less than 2K shipped and no taxes.

Again, thanks for the input guys! I think this one's gonna ROXXORS once I get it put together.

03-21-05, 07:31 AM
Enjopi your new setup man.

03-21-05, 07:49 AM
Good choice dude .. your 6800U should be more than enough for gaming @1280x1024 :)

03-21-05, 08:16 AM
Now I have to figure out how I want to configure my hard drives in the new box...

I have (or soon will have) the following drives - I don't need to use them all, but I want speed speed speed

1 80GB IDE drive (133)
2 80GB SATA (Seagate - in my old machine - currently raid 0)
2 80GB SATA (Seagate - w/NCQ on order)

Trying to figure out how I do the following - here's what I think I should do...

2 SATA NCQ drives as Raid 0 and put windows and swap file (2 partitions - Win on C:\, swap on D:\)
2 SATA "old" drives as Raid 0 for my E:\ and put everything else on that array

Any suggestions would be very helpful